High – end, sophisticated, Brazilian shoes for modern women.

About Carrano:

Since 1992 in the market, with headquarters in the city of Dois Irmãos (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), the brand is present in more than 500 retail outlets. And, up to the end of 2016, it intends to establish itself as a major brand in the segment of handbags and shoes sold exclusively in premium multi-brand stores across the country. Currently, its production is of around 500 thousand pairs of shoes per year.

Carrano brings the singular beauty found in the idea to play with the incidence of light on the dunes, able to create different shapes and tones throughout the day.

The shoes come with a classic and even minimalist interpretation. Low flat forms with thick soles are still a trend, carrying much comfort and style. It will also be possible to find many shoelaces, wide straps with large matte metallic buckles, adding a vintage touch to the pieces.