Corporate Social Responsibility


The ICB Group considers respect for ethical principles to be a basic pillar of its values and success. The Group believes and act in:

  • compliance with legislative and regulatory provisions in all countries in which it operates;
  • legitimacy, loyalty, correctness and transparency;
  • respect of the privacy;
  • respect for the value of the person and human resources;
  • respect for competition, as a crucial instrument in the development of the economic system;
  • respect for the environment and raising awareness about its protection.

These principles have been given formal expression in the Group’s Code of Ethics. The Code sets out the guiding principles of the Organization, being one of the main pillars of the Group’s governance model and is also supported by a set of procedures in order to turn these values into daily actions. The adoption and application of the Code of Ethics is essential for the achievement of the Company’s primary objective, consisting in the creation of value for shareholders, employees, customers and for the community as a whole. The Code is shared by all employees and parties who support in developing, manufacturing, promoting, distributing and selling the Organization’s products of the brands in the portfolio.

Every year ICB organizes a charity bazaar, hosted and promoted by big national TV channels for the financial support of established NGO’s fostering children.